Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

Pentacam Corneal Map
Pentacam Corneal Map

Who is this treatment advised for?

This technology is particularly beneficial for people who are starting to develop cataracts and when a need has been identified to replace the ageing natural lenses. Thick spectacle lenses dictated by high prescriptions are another reason why surgeons and patients look to IOLs. The cost of spectacles or contact lenses, over many years, is a factor to be considered against the one-off expense of an intraocular lens replacement. For some, this option is considered to be safer and more effective than LASIK and appears to be a viable alternative to corneal refractive excimer surgery in the treatment of moderate to high myopia.

What happens with this treatment?

This procedure involves removing the eye’s natural lens, which may be ageing, and positioning the artificial lens in its place through an incision of less than 2.5mm, under local anaesthesia. A wide range of lenses can be used, including multi-focal, toric and accommodating lenses, which correct both distance and reading vision.